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Processing of filament textile yarn in the machine with spesific temperatures, pressure and twist to produce curl effect, elastic thickness, and have high crimp.


Processing of textile yarn given twist with spesific grade (twist per meter / tpm) to make textile yarn more cohesive and strong, with another charateristic accord the design. In this Process, has 2 variety twist, low twist (<450 tpm) and high twist (>450 tpm)..


Processing given tapioca layer or film to textile yarn for strong and cannot easy blow when next process. This process specially for non twist or low twist textile yarn.


Processing of woof yarn woven across the lusi yarn in weaving to make great woven. This process has 5 step, extend lusi yarn (let off motion), opening lusi mouth (shedding mouth), gliding woof yarn (weft insertion), and (beating motion dan take up motion).

Dyeing Finishing

Processing of dyeing or given colour, and completion (treatment) fabric textile in finishing process to has colour and handfeel compatible with design from costumer demand.

Final Inspect & Logistic center

Processing of quality inspect for final product include quality control laboratory for certain parameter, include fastness, resistance, slippage, density, shrinkage, physique quality ( as neps, crease mark, creasing, spots, bowing, skewing), colour quality and handfeel.