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Quality, Care and Commitment

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PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk

From humble beginning in Bandung Indonesia in 1968, the founder Mr. Tirta Suherlan started the business with a few weaving loom. Through hard work, perseverance and integrity we have grown and evolved into a reliable and innovative textile manufacturer and also the best leader in uniform and fashion textile provider. Our main product is suit fabric made of 100 % polyester and its mixtures with viscose and cotton which have been famous domestically and globally with Bellini and Caterina brand. Through our uniform company PT Mido Indonesia, the fabrics were designed and manufactured into uniforms and delivered to customers.

Uniform is an important need in the work. Uniform represent corporate identity. Good quality and stylish uniform can enhance the image and confidence of the company in communicating with its customers. The good uniform should have some criteria, there are : using high quality textile, stylish color and design and also comfortable

We are present to be part of your company, with almost 50 years experiences, we are confident, we are the solution of your uniform requirement.


High Quality Product

Produce high quality product only

Service Excellence

Enhance customer satisfaction with high quality products and excellent services

Modern Machinery

Using the modern machine to ensure stability of quality, short lead time and on time delivery

Distribution channel

Distribution channel includes agent, sub agent and retailer all over Indonesia